Understanding Neck Pain & Neck Injuries


Neck injuries can cause cervical pain of all types regardless of whether it was due to disc damage, neck sprain, whiplash or a degenerative process.


When diagnosing a neck injury, It is important to examine the suboccipital region (base of the skull) and cervical spine including the facet joints and scapular regions for potential ligament or tendon trigger points. X-rays are limited, but an MRI is a very important tool to help identify the most common injuries including disc problems or to identify the stretched tendon and ligament structures.  Unfortunately, the source of neck pain is often misdiagnosed  and can lead to inappropriate treatments and may actually aggravate the condition.

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Treating Neck Pain

Neck injuries and long-term chronic neck pain are extremely serious conditions.  Our doctors can help you determine if a restorative, non-invasive natural stem cell treatment is the best solution to help you relieve your discomfort.


To request more information about neck injuries and stem cell therapy treatments you can: schedule an appointment, sign up for a free seminar, email us or call Florida Stem Cell at 904-461-0166 today.

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